My IMP(低代码音视频工厂)SDK v1.5.0
IMP SDK API Reference Manual for Android Platforms Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

void init (Context context, EngineConfig config, Callback< Void > callback)
void setEventHandler (IRoomEngineEventHandler eventHandler)
void auth (String userId, Callback< Void > callback)
void logout (Callback< Void > callback)
boolean isInit ()
boolean isLogin ()
String getUserId ()
Result< RoomChannelgetRoomChannel (String roomId)
Result< RoomSceneLivegetRoomSceneLive ()
Result< RoomSceneClassgetRoomSceneClass ()
void getRoomList (RoomParam param, Callback< PageModel< RoomBasicInfo > > callback)

Detailed Description

Created by KyleCe on 2021/7/8

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